Our School

C8FznH_x1B5yVrgZCKKbzyOiuQDvYB5-JG7hFYD6Uq8Serving Metro Detroit and surrounding areas for more than 25 years, The Detroit Kali-Silat Academy is an innovative yet traditional school with a focus on one thing— providing the most effective self-protection training to our students in a challenging and exciting way.

The Detroit Kali-Silat Academy teaches a variety of programs, including:

-          Traditional Southeast Asian martial arts

-          Women’s Self-Defense

-          Police Defensive Tactics

-          Bodyguard and Executive Protection training

-          CCW/CPL certification and Tactical Shooting

-          Self-Defense and fitness for kids

-          “Low Impact/High Yield Conditioning”


At The Detroit Kali-Silat Academy, martial arts are taught in a disciplined, yet relaxed environment. We firmly believe in ‘active learning”. Everyone who participates is encouraged to ask questions, make mistakes, and try new things. The Academy is more than just a place to learn martial arts; it is a complete school of mind and body.  Integral components such as physics, anatomy, physiology, history, culture, and philosophy are part of the total learning experience here, as they have been since ancient times.  There is no competition – only Respect, Humility, and Discipline.

Private training, semi-private training, and custom workshops are also available. 

Please call 248-981-7495 for more information.

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