warriors edge tactical colorRealistic police officer survival/defensive tactics training is too frequently overlooked and/or very hard to come by. The sad reality is that the brave men and women who risk their lives to keep our communities safe, often have to look beyond their departments to find proven, reliable methods of self-preservation needed in the course of their very dangerous work.

Our powerful, effective, and incredibly streamlined Warrior’s Edge Defensive Tactics Program for Law Enforcement is based on the same method we have taught successfully to various Military, Law Enforcement, and Counter-Terrorism groups all over the world. 

These are NOT complicated traditional martial arts techniques! The Warrior’s Edge Defensive Tactics Program for Law Enforcement is based on a unique set of gross motor skills that are easy to learn and can be effectively applied in the stress of combat.  These simple techniques are then reinforced through fluid repetitive drills that produce instantaneous reactions in a fighting situation.  Some of the components of this program include:

  • Spontaneous Edged Weapons Defense
  • Weapon retention
  • Disarming the Aggressor at Close Quarters
  • Tactical Baton
  • “Improvised Weaponry”
  • Non-lethal control tactics per each step of the Continuum of Force
  • Ground escape/recovery
  • Grappling for the Street
  • Tactics against multiple attackers
  • Speed cuffing

Each module is taught systematically. Each element seamlessly integrates for practical, real-time application. This class is ideal for law enforcement, security, corrections, EMS and Fire, and all “First Responders”.

Jeff Davidson is a regularly featured Instructor at the Oakland Police Academy CREST Center for Advanced Police Training.  Our programs are MCOLES approved and can be conducted at your department.

We are privileged to have provided Defensive Tactics training to the following agencies:

-          City of Dearborn Police Department

-          Van Buren Township Police Department

-          Springfield Township Public Safety

-          Oakland Police Academy

-          Wayne County Schoolcraft Police Academy

-          Michigan Tactical Officers Association

-          Crisis Response Group of the Philippine National Police

-          Aviation Security Group, Republic of the Philippines

-          Presidential Security Forces, Togolese Republic

We provide training for individuals and also for entire Departments/Agencies.  Our program is MCOLES approved.  Call 248-981-7495 for more information.

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