Our Mission

·      jJ4ir5goV3QttfsDZWcIVp1uw_r1mDlPGW4X7XnpNgg  * To organize, teach, and promote the Southeast Asian martial arts – especially Kali and Silat – to the public through classes, lectures, seminars, and exhibitions.

·     * To promote the study of Kali and Silat as a means to develop moral character, leadership skills, personal discipline, and a unity of Mind-Body-Spirit in the practitioner. 

·         * To provide the most authentic and effective martial arts training to each student for the protection of the practitioner, the family, and the community.

·         * To preserve the rich cultural traditions and decorum that are integral components of the disciplines we teach.

·         * To sponsor seminars and workshops conducted by other recognized Master Instructors in various areas of specialty related to Kali, Silat, and personal protection. 

·         * To network with and support all like-minded teachers and students of other martial arts disciplines.

To Our Teachers, Friends, Students, Supporters, and All Those Assisting Us in the Above Duties –  We Are Grateful.