Our Mission


To organize, teach, and promote the Southeast Asian martial arts – especially Kali and Silat - to the public through classes, lectures, seminars, and exhibitions.

To promote the study of Kali and Silat as a means to develop moral character, leadership skills, personal discipline, and a unity of Mind-Body-Spirit in the practitioner.

To provide the most authentic and effective martial arts training to each student for the protection of the practitioner, the family, and the community.

To preserve the rich cultural traditions and decorum that are integral components of the disciplines we teach.

To sponsor seminars and workshops conducted by other recognized Master Instructors in various areas of specialty related to Kali, Silat, and personal protection.

To network with and support all like-minded teachers and students of other martial arts disciplines.

To Our Teachers, Friends, Students, Supporters, and All Those Assisting Us in the Above Duties - We Are Grateful.


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