Some Testimonials from Our Students

“Guro Davidson’s training is an outstanding compliment to the PPCT instruction we receive at the Police Academy. The training is fluid and adaptable. This is a must for any police officer!”

- M.J., Wayne County Sheriff Department

“It was January 2001, I was continuing my training in taekwondo, TKD, and Aikido, holding a 1st degree black belt in TKD, getting ready to test for my 2nd in a few months, and a 1st degree in Aikido. I was feeling pretty good about it, having put in many years of training and having the black belts to show for it! At the same time, however, I was searching for other arts to help round out what I had learned through Karate (many years earlier), Aikido, and TKD. Still, I felt a strong need to learn ‘something else’.

One year after I started Kali-Silat under Guro Jeff Davidson, I had learned more concepts, techniques, and principles than I ever did over all the years of training in all other arts combined. I started my Silat training because of my frustration with the other arts, which were not providing the necessary challenges and learning opportunities that I was looking for. The variety and range of concepts, principles, and techniques covered in the systems we practice is providing me with everything I was looking for, and more. I have stopped looking for that elusive “next art” needed to help further round out my skills!”

- Frank K., Northville Michigan

“Guro Davidson’s class introduces effective martial arts skills that are far superior to those typically taught in the U.S.A. This course will enlighten the trainee not just to techniques, but an entire philosophy of Defensive Tactics. I highly recommend this class”

- R.L., Oakland County Sheriff Department

“Our 14 year old daughter was scheduled to go on an overseas trip to Eastern Europe with other members of our Church. Needless to say, my wife and I were quite concerned for her safety and well-being so far away from home. On the advice of a close family friend who happens to be a law enforcement officer, I contacted Jeff Davidson and spoke with him about the possibility of our daughter taking a ‘crash course’ in self-defense from him over the span of two weeks. Mr. Davidson was very accommodating and gave her approximately 15 hours of basic training along with one of his assistant instructors who was herself a remarkable young lady and martial artist. My daughter has never had any sort of physical training apart from gym class yet felt very comfortable and encouraged throughout her study.

Well, three weeks into the trip our worst fear as parents almost came true. Our daughter and a friend became separated from the rest of tour group in Prague and were nearly assaulted by a violent criminal. I say nearly assaulted, because thank God my daughter was able to incapacitate her attacker and escape to safety with her friend. My wife and I were notified of this after the fact by the tour leader and the local police. My daughter’s training in Kali under Jeff Davidson, even for such a short period of time, may have meant the difference between her coming home to us safely, or a far worse alternative.”

- Peter and Amy R., Southfield Michigan

“I had the pleasure of Guro Davidson’s teaching at several seminars. I had been drawn to silat in high school because it seemed to offer much more complexity and subtlety than what I saw in the bulk of martial arts schools I had attended. I could tell from the movements in the silat system I began at that time, that there was much more to the art than was being taught--either because my instructors kept it to themselves or, more likely, had lost touch with the depth of their art and had homogenized it.

After 7 years I felt I had learned relatively little of use, relatively little to differentiate it from any other run of the mill martial arts school save for some stylized movements whose martial application was neither practiced nor explained. I chose to change arts but my desire to learn what I considered to be effective silat continued.

That desire was first sated during seminars with Ka Jeff. His instruction on those few occasions at seminars restored my hope that I may again find good instruction. He is a very approachable, humble and inquiring martial artist and instructor and generous in his teaching approach. I may very well have learned more from him about silat in a few hours than I had in the 7 years I spent training long ago. He is a clean, crisp and sensitive/perceptive practitioner and his understanding and application of techniques is nuanced, subtle and precise. Most importantly, he knows how to teach what he does.

He is also the only person I have seen teach an authentic African martial art--which was a pleasure to be introduced to. And he learned it there, off the well-traveled path, doing it.

His breadth of knowledge on Malaysian Silat, Kali, and African martial arts of Yoruba is impressive as is his ability to integrate them. Were it possible to make a daily 900 mile commute I would attend his school in a heartbeat. If any serious martial artists need a reason to tour Detroit, Michigan, you’ve got one.

- Ed, Rochester New York

“Guro Jeff, I wanted to thank you personally for coming to Rochester and sharing your knowledge with us. After an action-packed weekend, your Silat workshop has resonated with me far and above any others. I enjoyed the well-rounded approach of deadliness in conjunction with (or balanced by) spirituality and philosophy. Your fellow Gurus and students carry and conduct themselves in a manner that both demand and dispel attention, if that makes sense. I am so intrigued! There is much more to a martial art than simply learning techniques and that is what I took away from a much too short session with you.

With respect and gratitude,

- Laura, Rochester New York

“As a long time martial artist, I was very impressed with Guro Davidson and his instructors. This was the most effective Police self defense class I’ve ever had in my 19 year career.”

- M.B., City of Eastpointe Police Department

“I’ve been an officer for over 12 years and am certified in two states as a Police Defensive Tactics Instructor. The first 2 hours of Jeff Davidson’s class blew the past 12 years of my training away!”

- T.P., City of Troy Police Department

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