knife stance copyGuro (teacher) Jeff Davidson is an internationally recognized instructor of Southeast Asian knife and empty-hand combatives, who has taught martial arts in Michigan since 1985. He established his first school at the age of 16 in a suburb of Detroit, which served well over 500 students of all ages during his tenure.

In 1987, Mr. Davidson began travelling directly to the Southeast Asia to study Pencak Silat and Kali/ Escrima, under various Masters. By the early 1990’s he was teaching a unique and comprehensive curriculum of Malay fighting disciplines to a growing body of students throughout the Midwest.

Today, he continues to teach not only Indonesian Pencak Silat, but also Silat Kuntau Tekpi from Kedah, Malaysia, Pekiti-Tirsia Kali (as a direct student of Grandmaster Leo T. Gaje and Guro Doug Marcaida), and is one of only five individuals in the world given permission to teach Barako Batanguenio a highly unorthodox system of pistol and knife-fighting by its founder Manong Leon “Tito Jun” Saludo of Batangas Province. He is also a student of Kali DeLeon under Ama Guro Jun DeLeon of Toronto.

Since 2000, Mr. Davidson has made regular trips to West Africa specifically Nigeria and Benin to study the indigenous martial arts of Yorubaland and has received formal initiation into several traditional Martial Arts societies there.

Guro Davidson has conducted seminars on various specialized topics in the Southeast Asian fighting disciplines for diverse groups of students in North America, South America, West Africa, and Israel.  In 2005 he designed a streamlined course in Tactical Combatives for use by Military and Law Enforcement personnel which he has been teaching at the Oakland County Advanced Police Academy.

He has received numerous accolades from the Indonesian Counselor General of Illinois, The Philippine American Cultural Community Center of Michigan, and has been a featured guest lecturer on Southeast Asian martial culture at academic institutions such as the University of Michigan, Western Michigan University, Oakland University, Michigan State University, and Marygrove College of Detroit.

Guro Davidson and his assistant instructors have provided expert training in Southeast Asian martial arts  to to many Law Enforcement and Military agencies throughout the world including: