Detroit Kali Silat Guro Jeff Davidson trans a student

You have arrived at Metro Detroit’s most intense THEATER OF THE COMBATIVE ARTS! We offer unparalleled instruction in the Southeast Asian fighting disciplines from Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Detroit Kali-Silat is led by Guro Jeff Davidson in the training of of Filipino Kali, Combat Grappling, Malaysian Silat, Indonesian Silat, Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics, and Military Combatives.

Instruction is also available in other rarely seen blade-based Fighting Arts from West Africa.

Detroit Kali-Silat are founding members of the highly respected Brotherhood of the Blade which includes chapters in North America, Europe, and Asia.

You too can learn the same tactics and techniques that Guro Davidson has personally taught to the Philippine Force Recon Marines, the Philippine National Police and many branches of the United States Military/Law Enforcement establishments.

CALL US NOW AT 248-981-7495 to begin your training.

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