The Art Of Malayu Sibat by Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje Jr.

The product of extensive research from the 13,699 islands of Indonesia to the 7,100 islands of the Philippines the art of Malayu Sibat is one of the rarest arts found mostly in the Moluccas and in the island of southern Negros and the jungle of Mindoro.

Sibat is a word to describe the wooden spear made from bamboo, thin bagacay (family of bamboo) or from iron wood with sharpen tip used by the natives to hunt wild pigs, wild boars, snakes, fish and mostly used as offensive weapon against attacking tribes. It was called generally as sibat either in Indonesian language or Filipino dialects, but in Negros island it is called the Bangkaw or Sumbiling or Palupad.

The techniques employed by the natives are concentrated on the use of the power thrust against attacking wild boar. A strong thrust to the back of the head or a power thrust below the neck hitting the chest area by puncturing the esophagus that will stop the breathing of the rushing boar. During the wild encounter the boar may not be fatally killed immediately, so there is a possibility of resistance. In the process of struggle, the use of the sibat to hammer the head of the boar with strong downward smashing attack will prevent the attack for a minute and at that instance it is followed by a killing thrust. The use of malayu sibat is deadly effective in every movement. For every downward smashing blow, it is returned with a violent thrust that will hit any part of the body. The action to smash is with use of gravitational force that will break every resistance.

Malayu sibat attacks and counter attacks are based on triangular structure that is the most powerful striking motion. When there is contact against other weapon, the action for the Malayu Sibat fighter is to drive the weapon directly to the hand or to the head of the opponent. This immediately allows the counter attack, which at close quarters, the deadly knife hidden along side is pulled and delivered to the kidney so deep that it will stop the possibility of counter.

Malayu Sibat fighters are cannibalistic, in Iranjaya, Indonesia. The cannibals are using the Sibat as their primary weapons. The feeling of destroying the enemy is inherent in the use of the Sibat.

Today, Malayu Sibat is one of the indigenous fighting arts of the Pekiti-Tirsia, a pure Malay fighting art. There are several methods that are working techniques built in within the system. With the power of Malayu Sibat guarantees full breaking effect that survival is very remote.

Pekiti-Tirsia advancement training programs includes the Malayu Sibat in preparation for any challenge against long weaponry.

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