Get Your CPL/CCW!

Concealed Weapon PermitCurrently in the City of Detroit there is a lot of talk about classes for "Conflict Resolution". Fortunately, we already offer some excellent classes for resolving conflicts through the medium of edged weapons, impact weapons, and empty-hand close quarter fighting.

Now, we are pleased to offer a complete course for obtaining your Michigan CPL/CCW! The course is taught by a long-time member of our Detroit Kali-Silat Academy who is also a veteran Detroit Police Officer and Certified NRA Instructor. The fee is $150.00 and covers:

- Selecting/buying the appropriate pistol for your needs
- Basic pistol safety
- Shooting Fundamentals
- Materials and Range Time
- One-on-one instruction
- Discounts for groups and seniors

Unlike our other courses, this instruction is open to the public, and offered independently from our other programs. Email me privately and I will forward your contact information to the instructor.

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