Kali De Leon Seminar 2013

We’re very happy to have logged yet another fantastic training experience with the great Ama Guro Jun De Leon of Kali De Leon in Toronto.  This seminar was exclusively for members of The Brotherhood of the Blade – who came with lightning speed and enthusiasm from Detroit, New York, San Francisco, Maryland, and even Lebanon to study at the feet of The Master.  The event was coordinated in large part by the indefatigable Kuya Doug Marcaida – who is never one to shy away from such tasks as organizing people from all over the United States to attend an event being held in another country.  Well done Kuya!
Ama Guro Jun continues to be a great inspiration to us not only for his utterly unsurpassed skill as a practitioner and teacher – but he is also the very epitome of the virtues which every serious student of our Arts strives to cultivate.  After all, it is very easy to be overwhelmed with Ama Guro’s skills; you can appreciate those skills even by watching a video.  What you may not realize – if you have not been blessed with the opportunity to train under the Master -is that those skills emanate from a solid core of Honor, Integrity, Humility, and Compassion.  I don’t care how hard or fast you can swing a baston, the “secret” of true power is Character.
Thank you for everything Ama Guro.  We’re looking forward to the next one!
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